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Related Projects

Our projects span a diverse range of fields, each designed to address pressing challenges and harness opportunities in their respective domains.

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This project brings together Research and Innovation at the OU associated with Learning, Teaching and Generative AI (GenAI). The OU has a long tradition in using the latest technology to enhance the learning experience; beginning with radio, television, personal computers, the internet and mobile devices, GenAI has the potential to become even more transformative than these examples.

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In this project, we are seeking a new paradigm for thinking about what can and should be done with AI Technology, which cannot be reduced to cultural complexity and which takes into account the reality of world forces (such as power and wealth) that help to predict what is likely to happen.



CORE-GPT is a step change in academic question answering. Our key development is that the provided answer is not just drawn from the model itself, as is done with ChatGPT and others, but is based on, and backed by, CORE’s vast corpus of 34 million open access scientific articles.


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